Adam in the Garden of Eden at Via Torino

had the opportunity to do a wall painting at one of the most prestigious Italian restaurants in Colombo, Ristorante Via Torino. I had to grace the ceiling wall with replicating a historical masterpiece “Creation of Adam” drawn in by great Artist Michelangelo on ceiling of Sistine Chapel. It was really challenging to be standing on the scaffolding all day and adding piece by piece for 45days to finally give life to the painting.  Mediums and techniques were totally different from what I used to.  Nailing the skin colors was crucial and blending the colors for the final look to be natural was one of the hardest tasks.  I did succeed in the final finish and everyone loved it including artists community, social media and the visitors who come to the restaurant. All the hard work was totally worth it, making a mark on my journey as an Artist.

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